Space War of Independence
The Last war began when the Western Colonies began an armed uprising for their independence after Union started forcing their newly enacted controversial laws on the colonies. Union’s increased reserach in genetic engineering had spawned to classes of people in the Union, modified and unmodified, commonly referred to as Coordinator and Natural. The Western colonies were outraged over the artificial inequality and started a war for their independence. Ultimately they separated into two factions, Novus who demanded a pressing need for deep space exploration and Zeon that demanded colonization of nearby planets most notably Mars. Unfortunately both groups were not able to put up a unified front and ultimately lost. Novus fell under sway of Union again while Zeon fled to Mars promising revenge.

When the Crimson Lotus saw the armed uprising of the Western Colonies they decided follow suit. The Federation of the time was displeased with this and sent out a force to quell the insurrection. Unfortunately for them, the Federation never managed to mass produce suits that could operate in space and so they had naught but an army of balls. While the Crimson Lotus had few suits in number, each one was more than enough to wipe out a platoon of balls. The Federation not wanting to lose their entire space fleet for a few colonies ceded and offered them all the autonomy they wanted provided they continued to pay taxes. The Crimson Lotus declined the offer and so the Federation sunk it’s runaway defense budget into making a few extraordinary powerful suits.

Based on the Peregrine design they had been working on as a counter to Union’s increasingly beam based artillery they created three suits called the G-X series capable of high output wide area beam weaponry. Only two suits were deployed, one was destroyed but the remaining suit was able to singlehandedly cripple a colony with it’s Satellite cannon but was heavily damaged. At this point both sides agreed to a ceasefire and they further agreed to the earlier deal. And so the Federation lost the Eastern colonies as military bases but kept a stream of revenue while the Eastern Colonies, now called the Crimson Lotus, gained their sovereignty.

Federation still has problems with their space program. So while they were able to drive off the invading martian forces with their excellent ground tactics, they have no clear way to retaliate at the moment. They are recruiting volunteers to send up with one of their Pegasus class carrier ships to take the fight to the Martians.


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