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Maintenance and Upkeep costs
Refueling/Recharging = 10 * EN Regained
Repairing = 50 * HP Repaired * Armor Level
Routine Maintenance = 100
Land Transportation = 500 per zone crossed
Sea Transportation = 1000 per zone crossed
Air Transportation = 5000 per zone crossed

Setting: Earth+Space Colonies+Mars+Moon
Powers, factions etc.:
Union – Americas, Austrailia (Wing fodder, Seed Gundams)
Developed Phase Shift Armor
Federation(Feddies) – Eurasia (UC 0079-83, Zeta)
Developed Anti-Beam Coating
Disputed Battle zone – Africa (Zoids)
Martians (Zeon, Zaft)
First to develop Force field technology
Crimson Lotus – Eastern Hemisphere Space Colonies (G Gundam, KMF)
Novus – Western hemisphere space colonies (Robotech)
Neutrals – Everyone else (Wing Gundams)
Pirates – Yarr (Grappler, Djinn) or Robinhood (Veritech, Crossbones Gundam)
Moon – Abandoned – housed by crazed AI’s and buried Bioweapons (G-X, Eva)

Points you receive may only be spent on piloting attributes, such as massive damage, combat mastery, highly skilled. To upgrade your mecha you must buy parts with credits, where the higher level parts you need (i.e. flight level 6) the more it will cost, than say level 1 elasticity. Alternatively, with enough salvage and a high enough repair skill you can do it yourself as well as unlocking the unique technology of certain areas (Martian FF’s, and Magnetic resistance, Veritech transformation, Federations awesome generators, Union’s Phase Shift Armor, etc.)

Rules changes

Focus Damage – Can be somewhat silly let’s take the Gouf for example. The Gouf specializes in close combat using his Advanced heat hawk and Electric Coil primarily and only using his gatling gun/vulcan when he is far out of range. To make him a melee machine one would assign focus damage to his close range attacks, the heat hawk and the coil. Having to buy the attribute separately for 2 points each is rather silly, especially considering that 4 points will let it apply to all attacks. So here are two proposals.
Similar to special attack, you spend 2 points for one weapon, and an additional 1 point for each additional weapon. So Focus 3 heat hawk, Focus 2 Coil would cost 8 points instead of 10.

Alternatively, you could have each purchase of Focus apply to a different category. Say, 1H Beam weapons, Heavy Beam weapons; 1H Conventional Weapons, Heavy Conventional, Melee. So someone good with beam rifles would also be good with beam pistols but what about similar weapons like a beam launcher or a conventional assault rifle. You also have to define what a heavy weapon is, something shoulder mounted or two handed, as well as how far you want to split up the melee tree. Where do things like Snipers and Shotguns fall in. I’m currently leaning towards the first option, although the second would be better for players who find new weapons or to purchase different weapons instead of just upgrading the weapon they started with.

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