Starting: Zaku, Gouf, Bacue
Dom and Rick Dom: PC’s defeat the Black Tri-stars
Psycho Gundam; Unlock: When PC’s prove themselves more than an annoyance to the martians.
AC Guy & Z’Gok; Unlock: Martians invade Union
Gelgoog and Zaku Custom; Unlock: PC’s or Federation enters space.
Mercurius and Vayete; Unlock: PC’s follow Martians fleeing Australia
Zeong, Brylant; Unlock: Lose 5 battles
Gelgoog marine, Physalis, Quebley, Gaza; Unlock: Martians are defeated
; Unlock: Martians are Victorious

Starting: Guntank, Guncannon, Ground GM/Gundam, MK II;
GM Powered and Sniper, Gundam; Unlock: Federation loses two important battles.
Gabalthey, Rick Dias; Unlock: Reprisal against Heavy Arms and Shenlong.
Zeta, Super; Unlock: Southeast Asia is nuked.
G-X, GDX; Unlock: Federation loses 5 important battles
Victory Gundam; Unlock: Federation is defeated
F91 Gundam; Unlock: Federation is victorious

Starting: Leo, Aries, Duel, Buster
Aegis, Blitz, Cancer, Pisces; Unlock: PC’s do not hand over control of Australia to Union.
Calamity, Forbidden, Raider; Unlock: Second attempt to recapture Australia
Taurus; Unlocked: during during Panama assault
Virgo, Talgese; Unlock: Union loses two important battles.
Epyon, Providence; Unlock: 4 out of 5 Phase shift suits are defeated
Destiny, Legend; Unlock: Union is defeated

Starting: Valkyries, Hyaku Shiki, Strike
Lose twp important battles – Unlock Big O, Pallas Athene
Colony Drop – Crossbone, Sazabi
Defeat – 00
Victory – Sentinel

Starting: Hizack, Djin
Grappler Ship, Marasai; Unlock: Two losses against PC’s
Hambley, Draza; Unlock: Successful Martian raid.
Gaplant, Mesala; Unlock: Successful Novus raid
Astray Frames; Unlock: Successful Union raid
Dendrobium Orchis; Unlock: Successful Federation raid

Heavy Arms, Shenlong; Unlock: Federation takes back Germany and mass driver
Sandrock; Unlock: PC’s enter African war zone
Wing and DeathScythe; Unlock: Union gains the upper hand in the power struggle.


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