Weapon Price Damage Advantage Disadvantage Prime Example
Twin Buster Rifle 25k 75 AoEx3, AP, FFP, Spreading, TWF Limited Shotsx3, Static, 2Hands Wing Zero, Hyaku Shinki, Virtue/Seravee
Buster Rifle 10k 50 Spreading, Knockdown, Devastating Limited Shotsx2, 2Hands(SS1), Dual(SS2) Wing, V2 Assault & Buster
Twin Linked Plasma Cannon 15k 65 AP, Flare, SP, Spreadingx3 Energy Drain(x2) 30, Shoulderx2, Static Freedom, Calamity, Savior
Hyper Impulse Beam Launcher 13k 60 AP, Long Range, Spreadingx2, Devastating Energy Drain 30, Static Agni Strike, Aegis, Vayeate, Zeta, GP-04 Gerbera
Beam Sniper 14k 70 AP, Long Rangex2, Critical Up Static, 2Hands, Energy Drain 20 Dynames, Evangelion, Koenig Wolf
Beam Assault Rifle 11k 45 Accurate, AP Choose 2: 2Hands, Energy Drain 10, Limited Shots 2 Zeta, GM Custom, GP-01fb Zephyranthes Full Vernian, Aegis, Arios
High Powered Beam Rifle 10/20k 50 Armor Piercingx2, Combinable(+10k) Energy Drain 25 or Limited Shots 2 Nu, Gabthley, Strike Freedom
Beam Rifle 5k 45 Armor Piercing Energy Drain 10 OR Limited Shots Gundam, Guncannon OR MKII
Double Barrel Beam Cannon 12k 50 AP, Knockdown, Long Range 2Hands(SS2), Limited Shots, Energy Drain 20 ZZ, Elephander, Seravee/Virtue, Pallas Athene
Beam Machine Gun 10k 35/35 Auto-fire Energy Drain 15 Kyrios, Gelgoog Marine, Sandrock Kai
Beam Pistol 3k 30 Accurate, Critical Up Short Range, Energy Drain 5 Strike Noir, Rick Dias, Aries, Dynames
Beam Boomerang 6k 35 Muscle Powered, Pull, Rapid Reload, Returning Short Range, Limited Shotsx3 Omni Strike, Justice
Mega-Particle Cannon 25k 40/40 Auto-fire, Spreading, Shield destroying, Long Range, Knockdown Limited Shotsx2, Static, Energy Drain(x2) 20 Super Gundam, Full Armor ZZ and V2, Geno Saurer
Rail Gun Sniper Rifle [EM] 11k 55 Long rangex2, FF Penetrating, Critical Up Energy Drain 15, 2Hands, Static Lightning Striker Pack, Evangelion, Cannon Tortoise
Diffusion Cannon [Rad] 15k 65 APx2, Spreadingx2, Burning Energy Drain 30, FFSx2, Shield Stopping Gawain, Geass Mecha
Sniper Rifle 8k 60 Accuratex2, Long Range, Critical Up Static, Limited Shots, 2Hands GM Sniper, Gun Sniper Naomi
Flame Thrower 7k 50 Burningx2, Spreading Limited Shotsx2, Short Range Altron
Bazooka 4k 40 Knockdown Limited Shots Zaku, Leo, Dom, GP-03 Dendrobium Stamen
Clay Bazooka 10k 55 Explosive Scatter Limited Shotsx2 MK II, Rick Dias, Hyaku Shinki
Shotgun 8k 40 Spreading, Knockdown, Pointblank Short Range, Limited Shots, 2Hands(SS1) Kamfer, Sazabi
Gun Launcher [EM] 12k 50 Variable, Combinable, Spreading Short Range, Limited Shots, Drain En. 10 Buster Gundam
Assault Rifle 10k 35 Accuratex2 2Hands, Limited Shots Veritech Valkyrie, Ground Gundam, Leo
Grenade Launcher 8k 50 Accurate, Knockdown, Hands Free Short Range, Limited Shots 2 Zeta, V2
180mm Cannon 10k 80 Long Range, Ballistic, Knockdown, Point Blank Static, 2Hands, Wield(SS1) Ground Gundam, Zaku
Shoulder Cannons 7k 50 Ballistic, Knockdown, Long Range Limited Shots, +2 Shoulder slot, Wield(SS1) Guncannon, GM Cannon
Heavy Shoulder Cannons 10k 65 Long Range, Ballistic, Knockdown Limited Shotsx2, +2 Shoulder slot, Wield(SS2) Guntank, BaCue, Command Wolf, Gojulas
Howlitzer Hands 5k 35 Anti-Missle, Spreadingx2, AoE Limited Shotsx3, Short Range, 2 Hands Guntank
Gatling Gun 6k 30/30 Auto-fire Limited Shotsx2, Dual (SS1) Gouf Custom (8th MS Team), Heavy Arms
Twin-Linked Gatling Gun 14k 40/30 Auto-Fire, Critical Up Inaccurate, Limited Shotsx2, Wield(SS1), Dual(SS3) Heavy Arms Kai, Gundam Alex, Gun Sniper Leena
Machine Gun 3k 20/20 Auto-fire Limited Shots Zaku, Hizak
Vulcan 2k 10/10 Auto-fire, Hands free, Accurate Limited Shotsx2 Gundams
Heavy Vulcan 8k 15/15 Auto-fire, Hands free, Anti-Missile Static, Limited Shots Agni and IWSP Strike, Wing Zero, G-X, Burning, Heavy Arms, Liger Zero Jaeger
Missiles 6k 55 AoEx2, Returningx2 Guided, Limited Shots, Stoppable Veritech Valkyries, Kyrios, Airmaster, Mesala
Light Missiles 3.5k 40 AoE, Returningx2, Hands Free Guided, Limited Shots, Stoppable Veritech Valkyries, Djinn, Turn-A
Heavy Missiles 10k 70 AoEx3, Long Range, Returning Guided, Limited Shotsx2, Stoppable Veritech Fighter, BaCue, Iron Kong, Panzer, Pallas Athene
Cluster Missiles 9k 35 AoE, Ballistic, Flexible Limited Shotsx2 Ptolemy II, Liger Zero Panzer
Micro Missiles 10k 40 Spreadingx2, Flexible Limited Shotsx2, Energy Drain 10 Veritech Fighter, ZZ
Missile Pod 2k 35 Ballistic, Flexible Limited Shotx3 Zaku II Custom, Heavy Arms
Electric Coil [EM] 7.5k 35 Flexible, Stun, Concealable Short Range, Limited Shotsx2 Drain Energy 15 Gouf
Stun Grappler [EM] 7k 40 Stun, Grapple Melee, Energy Drain 20 Kyrios, Bolivok Samahn
Grapnell Rocket Anchor 4k 25 Accurate, Grapple, Pull, Concealable Short Range, Limited Shotsx3 Blitz, Omni Strike, Lancelot, Gawain, Neue Ziel
Reinforced Arms, Legs 5k 25 Mecha-fu, Hands-free, MP Melee G Gundam, Guncannon, Iron Kong
Extendible Arms, Legs 8k 20 Grapple, MP, Flexible, Reach Short Range, Limited Shotsx2 Virsago, Shenlong/Altron, Elephandor
Beam Saber 6k 55 Shield Penetrating, Concealable Force Field Stopping, Melee Gundam, Dom
Heavy Beam Saber 8k 65 Shield Penetrating, Concealable, MP, Knockdown, Reach FF Stoppingx2, Melee, 2Hands(SS1), Dual(SS2) Gundam X, Physalis, Mercurius
Lacerata Beam Saber 15k 40 AP, SP, Critical Up, Concealable FF Stoppingx2, Melee Freedom, Justice, F91
Beam Javelin 7k 55 Knockdown & Reckless; AP, MP, Reach Melee, 2Hands(SS2), Shield Stoppingx2 Gundam, Shenlong
Beam Naginata 11k 55 Shield Penetrating, Flurry, MP FF Stopping, Melee, 2Hands(SS2) Gelgoog, Altron
Anti-Ship Sword 10k 60 Devastating, Reach, Shield Penetrating, MP Melee, +Shoulder Slot, Wield(SS1), 2Hands(SS2) Dual(SS4) Omni Strike, Sword Calmity, Epyon
Heat Hawk 4k 50 Armor Piercing, MP Shield Stopping, Melee Zaku II, Sazabi, Lancelot
Giant Heat Hawk 10k 70 Armor Piercing, Shield Destroying, Reach, MP Melee, Wield(SS2), 2Hands(SS4), Dual(SS5) Zaku Custom, Sandrock, Burai Kai
Standard Blade 2.5k 40 Flurry, MP Melee Gouf, Djin, Liger Zero Schneider
Particle Enhanced Blade 11k 45 Forcefield Penetrationx2, MP Melee Exia’s GN, Blade Liger, Mugen Liger
Sharpened mountain of Metal 16.5k 60 Devastating, Reach, Critical Up, MP Melee, +1 Shoulder Slot, Wield(SS2), 2Hands(SS4), Dual(SS5) Exia, Murasame Liger, Red and Blue Astray, Throne Zwei/Arche
Armored Schneider Knife 2k 25 Critical Up, Concealable, MP Melee Strike, Heavy Arms, Hayate Liger
Gundam Hammer 5k 60 Knockdown, MP, Reach Short Range, Lag(1) Gundam, Turn-A
Progressive Knife 4.5k 15 Armor Piercingx2, Concealable, MP Melee Evangelion, Hyperion
Fin Funnel 18k 50 Armor Piercing, Flexiblex2, Linked (Primary) Inaccurate (w/o Newtype 4 or Trick Shot 6), +1 Shoulder Slot, Limited Shotsx2, Stoppable Nu, Strike Freedom, Sazabi
Bits 12k 45 Armor Piercing, Flexiblex3, Handsfree Inaccurate (w/o Newtype 2 or Trick Shot 3), Limited Shots, Stoppable Quebley MKII, Elmeth, Zeong, Throne Zwei/Arche
Gunpod 9k 35 Flexiblex2 Inaccurate (w/o Newtype 1 or Trick Shot 2), Stoppable Mobius Zero, Ex-S
High Explosive Grenade 7k 45 AoEx3, Knockdown Limited Shotsx3, Short Range Zaku II Kai
Sturm Faust 5k 30 Knockdown, Accurate, AP Limited Shotsx3 Zaku II Kai, Kamfer
Chain Mine 10k 35 Autofire, Knockdown, Grapple Limited Shotsx3, Melee Kamfer
Chaff Grenade 3k 25 AoEx2, Chaff Limited Shotsx3, Short Range Zakus of all shapes and sizes
Shield (3+lvl^2)k 15/lvl See Shield Section See Shield Section Gundams
Shield Bits (5+(2xlvl)^2)k 10/lvl Flexible defense x2 Requires one slot per 2 levels Cherudim, Akatsuki, V2 Full Armor, F91

Buy in bulk special, buy two or more of the same get 50% off each additional item beyond the first. Veritech get Buy one get one free on missiles. Crimson Lotus get 1k towards a Melee weapon. Federation gets 1k towards beam weapons but +1k on Conventional Weapons. Mars gets +1k towards any Electromagnet [EM] weapons.

Upgrading Weapons
By paying the standard cost of the weapon you may upgrade it one tier. If the weapon costs more than 10k double the damage bonus from upgrading. Weapons with the Auto-fire advantage do half damage per tier.
Ranged Weapons: + 10 damage per tier, three tiers available.
Over 10k base cost: + 20 damage per tier, two tiers available.
Weapons with the Autofire upgrade: +5 damage per tier, two tiers available
Autofire and Over 10k: +10 damage per tier, one tier available
Melee Weapons: + 20 damage per tier, two tiers available.
Over 10k base cost: +40 damage per tier, one tier available.

Weapons with limited shots can be reloaded with a move action if they are hand mounted. Beam weapons reload automatically (with the exception of the rifle and assault rifle) after a number of rounds of inactivity equal to the number of times it has the limited shots disadvantage. Ammo for a weapon costs 20% of the weapons price.
Anti-missile – One free attack per round against a stoppable weapon targeting you.
Auto-Fire – 20 or less 1 point, 40 or less damage 2 points, more than 40 3 points.
Burning – The following turn the target takes 1/5th of the modified damage (after being modified by armor values and the like) in Energy (EN) damage as the reactors strive to reduce the suit to a normal temperature. If the advantage is taken twice then when multiplying by 1/5th to determine the EN damage do so before the value is reduced by armor. If the suit is out of energy that damage is applied directly to the pilot, once the damage exceeds the Units shock value the pilot is either incapacitated or killed. Each level of adaptation heat gives a 10 points buffer before the heat does EN damage.
Chaff – When used opponents have a -2 to ACV to hit you. Cancels guided ability.
Combinable – When equipped with two combinable weapons you may combine them together for one powerful attack. Use the advantages and disadvantages for both weapons (sum the energy drain and it counts as firing a shot for both, etc.) Special: If combinging two of the same weapon simply increase the range by one category and the damage by 20 instead of summing the advantages. If you possess the combination attack power, each level allows you to add 10 additional points from the weaker weapon to the primary’s damage. Normally you select two weapons and the level of Combination attack determines how much the secondary weapon can assist in damage output.
Critical Up – This weapon can critical on a roll of 3 or less. 2 points if the weapon deals more than 40 damage non-upgraded.

Devastating – The weapons minimal base damage is 75% instead of 50%.
Explosive Scatter – In Short Range this weapon functions as a Knockdown and Guided Homing weapon. Past short range the shots explode and spray a number of dense pellets forward losing Knockdown but gaining Spreadingx2 and Flexiblex2 but only does half the original damage. This ability costs 2 points.
Flexible Defense – When making the guard action reduce the penalty from an attacking flexible weapon by 2 for each level of flexible defense.
Flurry – When making an attack roll you may choose to reroll one die.
Mecha-fu – (ACV abilities apply only to Unarmed combat) If your ACV is 8 or greater you may add your Body stat to damage on a charge, during the charge you may add the Knockdown or Grapple advantage to a short range or melee weapon you are attacking with. When your ACV is 12 you add critical up advantage. When your ACV is 16 you may sacrifice extra attacks in the round to increase the damage of your attack by 20 per attack.
If your DCV is 8 or greater you may make an immediate counterattack against a foe you defend against in melee range with a melee weapon that has the hands free advantage, i.e. your fist. If your DCV is 12 your unarmed counterattack (handsfree) gains a +2 hit after you successfully defend. If your DCV is 16 On a successful defense you may move half your body stat in squares towards the attacker before making your counter attack.
Grapple – On a successful melee attack you may make an immediate grapple check (Opposed Body checks, +2 Grapple Advantage, +2 Level of S.Strength, +2 Level of Awkward Size)
Homing deconstructed into two separate advantages
- Returning – If the attack misses or the target successfully defends, the weapon will return to try again, once per round, for a number of rounds equal to the number of times Returning is assigned. For example, a Boomerang with Returning x1 will get a maximum of two attack rolls against a target over the course of two rounds.
-Guided (Special Attack Disability) – An appropriate Sensory Block technique will reduce the weapon’s accuracy, giving a -4 on attack or stat checks. The Sensory Block technique must be specified when assigned, and must be one that is reasonably common to the campaign setting. If it is extremely common in the setting, it may be worth two defects, at the GM’s discretion.
Knockdown – If the full damage exceeds the targets shock value -5 they begin free-falling and/or they are pushed backwards 1 square for every 20 damage. If they are at least 6 squares from the ground they make make a Mind or Body Check to right themselves and avoid crashing if able to Fly or to halve falling damage. 2 points if the weapon deals more than 40 damage.
Point Blank – Short Range only, if you use this weapon in melee combat increase the damage by 5 +5 for every level it’s been upgraded. A weapon fired pointblank does not spread.
Pull – If the attack successfully deals damage pull the target a number of squares equal to the damage before armor/ff/shield reduction divided by 10 round down.
Reach – Attack one additional square away, if the opponent doesn’t have reach they cannot counterattack and receive a -2 to Dodging.
Shields – Lvl 1 (Zaku, ) Mounted on Shoulder or back. Back mounted can only defend against attacks from the rear arc, whereas shoulder can make the standard defense check. Lvl 2 (Ground Gundam) equipped on a hand but you can still mount a weapon there. Lvl 3 (GM, Gelgoog) Equipped on hand in place of a weapon, or mount it on your back like the Gelgoog but it can only apply to attacks from the rear arc. You may place or remove the shield on your back as a move action, Lightning draw makes it a swift action. Lvl 4 (Wing, Physalis, Dynames,) Hand Mounted, or you may sacrifice both shoulder slots and form a shroud like Dynames.
Special Attack – 4 points per level, 2 per secondary (cannot be same level as primary). Choose a weapon, the base damage becomes 20 points per level + Upgrade. Add Advantages or Disadvantages, you may change one adv. or disadv. on the base weapon per level you have in this special attack.
Static – 3 Points, Forfeit a move action. Dodging costs an additional move action each time, guarding costs one additional move action for the round.
Stun – If the full damage exceeds the targets shock value they lose an attack action. The target makes a Mind check, on a failure they take a cumulative -1 ACV and DCV until they succeed at a Soul check which they can make at the end of each of their turns.
Variable – At the beginning of battle choose one of the abilities for your weapon to have. Armor Piercing, Force Field Penetrating, or Knockdown.
//Drain Energy – x1 5 EN for every 20 points of damage; x2 5 EN for every 10 points of damage


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