Points and Money
During character creation you choose between an Ace Pilot (75% Pilot/25%Mech) Max Skill Rank: 3 or Prototype Suit (25% Pilot/75% Mech) Max Skill Rank: 1 or Seasoned Pilot in Custom Mech (50%/50%) Max Skill Rank: 2.

Name Cost DMG ADV DISADV Weight
Plasma Cannon 15k 60 ArmorP 40, Spreadingx3 Static, Capacity: 1, Recharge: 2, Drain EN 20 2
Buster Rifle 15k 80 Devastating(60), ShieldP 40 Capacity: 4 Recharge: 2, Wield: SS1/3 3
BOWA Rifle 5k 60 AP 20, Final Shot +20 dmg Capacity: 6 Recharge: 1 1
MKII Rifle 5k 50 AP 10, Acc +2 Cartridge: 3 Reload:1 1
Shorty Beam Pistol 4k 40 Acc +2, AP 10, Flurry, Crit Up Short Range, EN 5 0.5
Charged Particle Cannon 20k 40/30 AP 10, Autofire EN 20, Static 4
Beam Cannon 8k 60 AP 20, Long Range Drain EN 10, Wield: SS1 2
Beam Machine Gun 7k 30/15 Flurry, Autofire Cartridge 12, Reload: 2, Inaccurate -2 1
Funnels 20k 50 All-Out, ArmorP, Concealed, Flexiblex2, Linked (Primary) Psycom, Capacity: 4, Recharge: 2, Stoppable 3
Railgun Sniper 15k 70 Acc +4, Crit Up, FFieldP x2, Long Rangex2 Static, Cartridge: 1, Reload: 1, EN 10 3
Railgun 10k 80 Crit Up, FFieldP, Point Blank Cartridge: 1, Reload: 1, Drain EN 10 2
Hyper Bazooka 5k 60 Knockdownx2 Catridge: 6, Reload 2 2
Clay Bazooka, Short Range 8k 50 Autofire, Knockdown Catridge: 1, Reload 1 2
Claybazooka, Medium Range 8k 30 Autofire, Spreadingx2, Flare Cartridge:1, Reload 1 2
Assault Rifle 4k 40 Acc +4, Crit Up Catridge: 3, Reload: 1 2
Vulcans 1k 10 Linked (Secondary), All-Out, Anti-Missle, Concealed Cartridge: 2, Reload: 3, Melee 0.5
Machine Gun 2k 30/15 Autofire Cartridge: 6, Reload: 1, Short Range 1
Gatling Gun 6k 40/20 Auto-fire Cartridge: 3, Reload: 2 3
Shotgun 8k 40 Pointblank, Spreading Catridge: 6, Reload: 2 3
Flame Thrower 7k 60 Burning 30/turn, Spreadingx2 Catridge: 3, Reload 2 3
Cryo Dispenser 7k 0 Freeze, Spreadingx2 Cartridge: 1, Reload 3 3
Shoulder Cannons 8k 80 Ballistic, Long range Catridge: 3, Reload: 2, Wield: SS1 3
180mm Cannon 12k 60 Ballistic, Long rangex2, Pointblank Catridge 6, Reload 1, Static, Wield: SS2/4 4
Zoids Exclusive
360mm Cannon 15k 80 Ballisic, Long rangex2, Devastating Cartridge: 6, Reload 2, Static, Wield SS3/5 6
Gravity Bullet 20k 10 Autofire, Ignores Armor Cartridge: 2, Reload 3, Wield SS3 6
Super Sonic Blaster 10k 40 Aurax3, Ignores Armor Capacity: 1, Reload 2, Wield SS1 3
High Explosive Grenade 7k 40 AoEx3, Knockdown Single Use, Short Range 1
Chaff Grenade 3k 0 AoEx2, Disrupts Guided weapons Single Use, Short Range 1
Magnetic Grenade (M) 5k 30 AoE, Mind Attack, Taser Single Use, Short Range 1
Grenade Launcher 8k 50 Accurate, Knockdown Short Range, Catridge: 2, Reload: 2 1
Missiles 5k 50 AoEx2, Returningx2 Guided, Catridge: 3, Reload: 3, Stoppable 3
Missile Pod 4k 40 Ballistic, Flexible Cartridge: 1, Reload 1 1
Cluster Missiles 6k 30 AoE, Ballistic, Flexiblex2 Catridge: 1, Reload 2 1
Cryo Missile (M) 6k 0 AoEx2, Freeze, Cancels Flight in AoE Cartridge: 1, Reload 2 1
Napalm 6k 40 Burning 20/Turn, AoEx3 Cartridge: 1, Reload 2 1
Macross Exclusive
Missile Salvo 10k 80 AoE, Spreading Cartridge: 2, Reload: 2, Short range 2
Micro Missiles 15k 50 Autofire, Spreadingx2, Returning x2 Cartridge: 3, Reload: 1 2
Melee Weapons
Reinforced Limbs 3k 30/15 Super Strength (SS) Powered Melee 2
Extending Limbs 8k 20 Grapple, SSPowered, Flexible, Pull Reach Short Range, Cartridge: 1, Reload 1 2
Beam Saber 4k 50 ShieldP 20, Flurry, Concealed FField Stopping, Melee 0.5
Heavy Beam Saber 8k 60 ShieldP 20, Concealed, Knockdown, Reach FF Stopx2, Melee, Wield: SS1/2 1
Anti-Ship Sword 10k 70 Reach, ShieldP 40, SSPowered Melee, Wield: SS3/5 4
Heat Hawk 4k 50 ArmorP 20, SSPowered Shield Stopping, Melee 2
Giant Heat Hawk 10k 70 ArmorP 20, Shield Destroying, Reach, SSPowered Melee, Wield: SS1/3 3
Armored Schneider Knife 2k 30 Critical Up, Concealed, SSPowered Melee 0.5
Particle Enhanced Blade 8k 45 Forcefield Penetration x2, SSPowered Melee 2
Sharpened mountain of Metal 15k 60 Devastating(45), Reach, Crit Up, SSPowered Melee, Wield: SS3/5 6
Rocket Anchor 3k 0 Pulls target into melee Short Range 1
Beam Boomerang 5k 30 Returning, Shield Destroying Catridge: 1, Reload 2 1
Electric Coil 7k 30 Flexible, Taser/Energy Vampire, Concealed Short Range, Drain EN 15 1
Diffusion Claw 15k 40/40 HP&EN Dmg, Burning (20/20turn), ArmorP 20 FF Stopx2, Drains EN 25 2
Drill 5k 20/10 Autofire, ArmorP 10, SSPowered Melee 1
Eva Exclusive
Prog Knife 5k 30/15 Autofire, ArmorP 20, Concealed Melee, Capacity: 2, Reload: 2 0.5
Lance of L. Replica 15k 60 Long Rangex2, FFieldPx2, SSPowered Thrown, Shield Stopping 4
Armor I-II 2k/R - Reduce damage by 10 per rank Total Weight: 1,2
Armor III-IV 4k/R - Reduce damage by 10 per rank Total Weight: 3,4
Armor V-VI 6k/R - Reduce damage by 10 per rank Total Weight: 6,8
Armor VII 20k - Reduce damage by 75 Total Weight: 12
Armor VIII 40k - Reduce damage by 90 Total Weight: 16
Specialty Armor
Anti-beam Coating 3k - Reduces E. damage by 20 FEDERATION Only
Ice Metal Armor 8k - Reduces E. damage by 40
Beam Reflective Coating 50k ? Reduces Beam dmg by 80 E. dmg less than 80 is reflected back at attacker
Phase Shift Armor 10k - Reduce Conventional Damage by 40 Burns 10 EN per turn, UNION
Trans-Phase Shift Armor 20k - Reduce C. Damage by 60 Burns 15 EN per hit by C. weapon, UNION
Variable-Phase Shift Armor 40k - Reduce C. Damage by 20 per rank, can adjust during battle Burns 5 EN per rank, UNION
I-IV 2k/R - While Guarding, HP Buffer 20/Rank Total Weight: 1/Rank
V-VIII 5k/R - While Guarding, HP Buffer 20/Rank Wield: SS2/4, Total Weight: 4, +2/Rank
I-Field I-IV 5k 0 E. Damage Buffer, 20 per rank Does not reduce C. Weapon damage, FEDERATION
MARTIAN Shield I-IV 4k 10/R C. Damage buffer, 20 per rank Shield only stops damage from one side
ZOIDS E-Shield 10k 30 Damage Buffer 60, also a Battering Ram Burns 15 EN per turn
ZOIDS ACP Shield 15k 30 Damage Buffer 60, Negates Autofire Burns 25 EN per turn
EVA AT Field 0-VIII 15k 10/R Damage Buffer 20/Rank, Regen Rank = Users soul check at the start of battle & every time the unit takes damage
Lightwave Barrier 50k 50 Reduce All damage by 100 Drain 20 EN per turn

All-Out: Reqs. full ammo. Expend all ammo for one attack, has a chance of canceling targets next action (Body check to resist)
Anti-Missle: Double Damage when shooting down missiles
Autofire – On hit, roll a single die, this determines the number of hits. Weapon does base damage plus the damage value after the slash for each hit beyond the first. Glancing blows apply as normal.
Crit Up – Crit on a 2 or 3
Devastating – Minimum damage (attack roll above 8) is 75% (3/4) instead of 50%
Flexible – -1 target’s DCV each rank
Flurry – Uses Double Ammo, Reroll one attack die
Force Field Penetrating – At Rank 1 this weapon deals half damage to the Forcefield Buffer and the other half to the suit (reduced as normal by armor, shield, etc.). At Rank 2 this weapon ignores Forcefields entirely.
Freeze – Target’s armor is reduce by 20 until end of battle or ice is melted. Body check or target is immobilized.
Grapple – On hit, can make opposed body checks to see if target is grappled.
Guided – Can be scrambled by computers
Knockdown – Chance to knockdown target, Body check to Resist, -1 per rank of knockdown
Mind Attack – Deals damage directly to the suit unless they have mind shield.
Pointblank – +20 damage when firing in melee. Body check to resist knockdown.
Psycom – This weapon is inaccurate without Newtype 2. It is stoppable if the target has Newtype or Trick shot but controller can use defenses to avoid being destroyed. Each time a funnel is destroyed reduce max capacity by 1.
Reach – -2 DCV if target is Dodging
Reload – Cartridges: Time till cartridge replaced
Recharge – Capacity: Time till one shot is recharged. You may accelerate process by spending 5 EN to reduce Reload by 1, once per reload action.
Returning – Has a chance to hit the target again the next turn for each rank
Shield Destroying – If target blocks with shield it is either disarmed or destroyed
Shield Stopping – Shield’s are twice as effective against this type of weapon.
Spreading – Beam Weapons can hit targets in a line, Conventional can hit targets in a cone. Each level gives target(s) a -1 DCV if dodging.
Static – You cannot move when using this weapon and dodging requires two defenses rather than the typical one.
Taser – On hit they continue to damage and lose action each time opponent fails the stun check (soul)
Wield: Super Strength required to wield weapon, second number is to wield it in one hand.

Ammo: Weapons that require ammo come with ammo included. 10k or less has two spare clips and more than 10k has one spare clip.
Weapon’s costing 5k or less have ammo priced at 100/clip. 5-10k is 500/clip and 15k and up is 1000/clip. Only weapons with the Cartridge disadvantage require ammo.
All extra clips beyond the first cost 0.5 weight.

Twin special: Buying two of the same weapon, get the second weapon half off provided the weapon is less than 10k.

Upgrading Weapons – A weapon can be upgraded to the next level by paying it’s cost in credits to upgrade it. Each upgrade gives a bonus to damage, for ranged weapons it is + 5 damage or + 10 if it costs 10k or more. For melee weapons it is +10 damage or +20 if it costs 10k or more. The maximum upgraded level any weapon can receive is level 3. Upgrades are denoted with roman numerals.

Like a shield a Forcefield provides an HP buffer against attacks. When the HP buffer has been used up the field reappears at the start of your first turn at a weaker intensity providing a buffer with 20 less HP. This continues until the buffer would be at 0. A regenerating forcefield returns 20 points of buffer at the start of your first turn provided the buffer is greater than 0.

Shields provide that damage buffer each time they are used. A weapon with shield penetrating will lower the shields buffer by that amount if the shield is used to block it.

When weight exceeds body you have a speed penalty equal to the excess.
Body/Mind/Soul = Frame/Systems/Generator and cannot be increased without valid explanation and complete overhaul. Selected at character creation to reflect mech.


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