The cost of a combat technique is either EN spent, Ammo used, or at the end of a 3hit combo as appropriate (i.e. all out machinegun uses ammo not EN)

Flurry with two weapons at different targets (StrFreedom)
Double tap – Flurry with heavy weapon (WZ Kai)
Kick someone and knock them down or backwards (V2/Freedom/Hyaku)
Knock someone up then smack down (Strike/Unicorn)
Kick and Propel Self to safe distance (Hyaku/V2)
All out = fire all ammo to make it hard to dodge (Hvy/Guncannon/Macross)
Reckless charge = take incoming hits and suppressive fire for big attack boost (F91V)
Acrobatic Shot = attack penalty but defense boost (F91)
Fire barrage while barrel rolling (GP01Fb, F91)
Combine Shot = 2 of same weapon for greater punch (F91/StrFree)
Leaping = Extra damage attack penalty (Exia/TurnA)
Charged Shot = Expend EN or delay init to increase energy damage (00/RX78-2)
Whirlwind = Spin, Hard to dodge attack (Deathscythe, Spiegel, TurnA, F91)
Throw whirling weapon like boomerang (00/Shen)
Attack in wide arc to hit mult targets (TurnA/Wheel)
Fire Static Weapon in MA mode (Wing/Aegis)
Give Subweapon (back) Link (TurnA/Freedom/Agni)
Use extendoarms to make weapons flexible/ballistic but you static (Hosaka/Virsaga)
Link weapons of same type (Heavy arms/Prov)
Exploding thrown weapons (Spiegel)
Attack and throw/suplex (Spiegel/Shining)
Quick Reload (8th MS/Unicorn)
Beamscatter as wave or close blast (Virsago/00/Sazabi)
Attack with both weapons in cross slash hard to dodge (Duel/MKII)
Attack with diff. melee weapon after hit
Spin attack that preps for air juggle (Dom/Hyaku)
Use flex weapon to lure them into melee (Nu/Q)
Ranged finisher after melee attack (Hyaku/Uni/08th)
Hitting with melee then going airborne (GP01Fb/Strike/Freedom)
Splitting body to avoid attack and impale with top half (GP01Fb)
Strafing run – fire lasers (1/2 dmg) till out of boost/ammo (GP01Fb/Reborn/F91)
Boost down in aerial to confuse the shit out of people (Talgeeze/GP01Fb)
Pull out a second weapon and go to town (X-Dv/The O)
Fire shield block incoming projectiles (V2/F91/AegisDeath Scythe)
Use rocket punch & keep boosting and send them sailing (Turn X)
Sideslash an enemy that misses (MKII)
Attack legs and knock down (MKII)
Throw beam bayonet after knockback target then self-destruct (Zeta)

Send all funnels to follow one target (Prov/Q)

Pummel – Autofire fists
Inescapable – Half def if they fail to break away

Focus Damage = + 5 dmg per level
Cost: 1/level Type (Ranged, Beam)
Cost: 1/level Specific Weapon (Beam Rifle), +10 dmg every other level
Cost: 2/level Category (Ranged or Melee)


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