Damage – All weapons 40 or less have damage reduced by 10. All weapons 50 or more damage deal 20 less damage.

Added two weapons
|Diffusion Claw|15k|40/40|HP&EN Dmg, Burning (20/20turn), ArmorP 20|FF Stopx2, Drains EN 25|2|
|Drill|5k|20/10|Autofire, ArmorP 10, SSPowered|Melee|1|

Added Energy Vampire to electric coil
Added Pull to Extendible Arms
Add Wield SS1 to Super Sonic Blaster
Add Concealed to Funnels
Any weapon with Conceal does not take up a weapon slot. Normally you have two hands and two shoulder/hip mounts. Additional slots can be purchased with Gadgets Hard Points.

Changed text of SEED Spatial Awareness to: “You may dodge AOE effects once per level per session. While at 50% HP you gain an extra action per level per session.”

Changed Text of Boost to be “Can be used to boost movement (3 per square, 5 per aerial square) or boost mobility/dodge (5/use). Maximum movement from boost cannot exceed Body stat.”

Skills Heavy Weapons Applies to – Any ranged weapon that requires wield, any weapon with cannon in it’s name, flame thrower and cryodispenser, and all explosives. Specializations include: Cannons, Missiles, Thrown, Crowd Control (Flame Thrower, Super Sonic Blaster, etc.)

All characters start with a 1 in each stat meaning players all have three additional points.

Gadgets cost 1point/level for Prototype and Pilot Style cost 1point/level for Ace Pilots

Shields: First two levels of Shield do not require a hand to use, they are either shoulder shields or strapped to your arm.

Using a one handed weapon in two hands reduces the penalty for fast movement by 2. Additionally if it is a ranged weapon Aiming gives an additional +1 to hit and Melee weapons Add your Body stat to damage.

Add Critical hit system.


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