Body/Mind/Soul = 1-6 cost 1 point each. Greater than 6 cost the usual 2 points each. Purchased with Mech Points.

Mecha Points
Boost 2/level – Can be used to boost movement (3 per square, 5 per aerial square) or boost mobility/dodge (5/use). Maximum movement from boost cannot exceed Body stat. Recharges if you spend a full round not boosting or you may convert EN to Boost at a 1:1 ratio on the fly. 10 Boost points per rank. When using boost to dodge you move to a different square.
Computer Scanning 1/level – Choose a type of detection from the following: Radar, Infared, Electrical, Radiation, Sonar
Extra Actions 8/Level – All the skill in the world won’t help if the suit is slow. Max extra attacks allowed is equal to Suits Body/3. Gives extra attack, defense, and move.
Flight 3 points/level – Start of round either +2 aerial movement or -1 ACV/lvl (Steady Hand/Piloting negates), +1 DCV/lvl and change square for each dodge. Drain 2/level En per turn.
Glide 2 points/level – +1 Aerial Movement/level cannot ascend or +1 DCV/lvl and change square for each dodge. Drain 1/level EN per turn.
Gadgets 5k worth of Upgrade credits per level and one Gadget from below (or additional 5k). Upgrading starting weapons can use Gadget credits only.

  • Cockpit (Max 1)
    • Electronic Counter Measures – Reroll any mind check to avoid remote hijacking. Physical hijackers take a penalty to operate.
    • Detachable Head – When suit is rendered inoperable the Head can eject and fly around
    • G-Gundam Suit – Flurry for all melee attacks
    • Panoramic Cockpit – Not affected by melee attacks from behind.
    • Plug Suit – Soul check to restore AT field to full. Once per session – automatically make a Soul check.
    • Psycommu Frame – Flurry for any ranged attack with Flexible or Guided. Once per session – Cancel a surprise attacks
    • Robotic Cockpit – +5 Initiative. Once per session Act first in the round
    • Sniping Configuration – Extra +1 hit when aiming
  • Frame (Max 2)
    • Mid-air Assembly: Mech is separable and be assembled in mid air. Once per session: Split your suit to dodge any attack including a critical.
    • Transforming Frame: Transform to a high speed mode which increases movement but removes the ability to use melee weapons.
    • Wings/Stabilizer Fins – +2 Aerial Movement
    • Rollerblades/Formula Legs – +2 Land Movement
    • Non-uniform Weight Distribution – +2 Body to Resist knockdown
    • Advanced Hydraulics: +2 Body for grappling. Once per session: Increase Super Strength by 2
    • Heat Fins: Negates burning. Once per session: Negate energy consumption for the turn.
    • Hover Unit: Avoid falling damage
    • Backpack: Carry Double Standard Ammo for each weapon.
    • Camouflage: Difficult to spot from long range and during maintenance
    • Modular: Switching between Handheld and Shoulder/Hip weapons doesn’t take a move action
    • Additional Hard Points: Two extra slots for weapons
  • Computer Systems
    • Advanced AI: Reduce penalties for extra defenses by 2
    • Biosensor: When an ally is defeated increase damage of all beam attacks by 20. Drains 5 EN per turn.
    • Communications Array: Maintain contact with allies over very long distances. Transfer the effects of Aim and HUD to allies|
    • Learning Computer: Every 3 turns Increase ACV or DCV by 1
    • Organoid: Roll twice for any Soul check. Once per session – Reactivate with Body + Soul HP
    • Rapid Reboot: The effects of Taser last for one turn maximum.
    • Remote Start: Start mech at a random location in combat and gain a surprise attack if already in the suit.
    • Last Will of the Departed: Once per session gain an extra action. Drains 30 EN per turn.
  • Weapon Modifications
    • Bayonet – Ranged and Melee occupy same slot. I.e. Zeta Rifle/Saber, Exia Sword/Carbine
    • Chainsaw Edge – AP +10 for melee weapons
    • Custom Weapon – Two Ranged Weapons share the same slot. I.e. GXDV Machinegun/Rifle, V2 Rifle/Grenade Launcher, Hyaku Shiki Rifle/Clay Bazooka
    • Decoy – Create a decoy target on the field. Automatically intercepts any nearby Guided weapon.
    • Miniaturize – Reduce weapon size and fit it into suit or even detachable head. -20 damage.
    • Rapid Reload – Reduce load time by 1, minimum 1
    • Shield Rifle – Shield and Rifle occupy same slot. I.e. GX, Exia
    • Sniping Lens – +10 Damage critical on a ranged weapon
    • Twin-Linked – AoE/Spreading Weapon Increase rank by 1. Other weapons gain +20 damage or Accurate boost. Uses one ammo from each weapon, must be fire together.

HUD 2/Level – Max number of targets you can keep track of simultaneously. You do not need extra defenses for the first attack from each of these targets. Max targeting is equal to Suits Mind/3.
Jumping 1 point/level – +1 Jump/level
Speed 3 point/level – +2 Init/level. Each round either +2 ground movement per level OR -1 ACV/lvl (Steady Hand/Piloting negates), +1 DCV per level and change square for each dodge. Drain 2level EN per turn.
Super Strength 3 points/level – +10 Melee damage for weapons with Super Strength Powered. +2 Max weight per level.

Pilot Points
Combat Technique

  • Choose a Combat Style. No specifics on abilities instead you are able to perform any described actions provided they fit the bill of the style.
  • Example Styles include
    • Deflect Beams
    • Disable – Adept at disabling mechs without destroying them completely
    • Dueling
    • Collateral Damage
    • Bombardment
    • Counter Attacks
      • Revenge – After being hit
      • Graceful – After being missed
      • Preemptive – Before you are attacked
    • Two Weapon Fighting
    • Mecha-Fu
    • Grappler
    • Skirmisher

Focus Damage 2 points/level highest rank, 1 point/level each additional weapon at lower rank.

Hacking 5/level: Hack an enemy suit. Wireless requires open communication link. Hardwired requires you to physically inject the virus most commonly through a rocket anchor or electric coil. Either way, make opposing Mind checks.

Newtype (Federation/Martian Only) 5 points/level – All other Newtypes are tracked in HUD for free. Once per level per session give a non-newtype a -2 to DCV or give yourself +2 DCV.

Piloting Style 2 points/level – Choose one per level

  • Traits
    • Born Leader – Allies have +1 DCV when you’re in line of sight and you are not malfunctioning
    • Cautious – +2 DCV when HP is >50%
    • Cocky – +2 ACV, -1 DCV while >50% HP
    • Cool head – +1 DCV vs Ranged attacks
    • Coward – -1 ACV, +2 DCV when HP is 50% or lower
    • Defiant – +10 damage when at 50% hp or lower
    • Determined – +2 Attack when attacking same target
    • Grim Optimism – No penalty for missing limbs
    • Heroic – +2 DCV when defending others either directly (shield) or indirectly (taking a hit)
    • Loyal – Reduce damage by 10 when near a malfunctioning ally
    • Rapid Adaption – Acclimate to new environment after 1 round
    • Reckless – +2 ACV, -1 DCV when malfunctioning
    • Self Destructive – +2 ACV but you take 10 more damage but from each hit
    • Tenacious – You can get your Mech still move (but not fight) even when at 0 or fewer HP
    • Trust – Once per battle give an ally +2 to any roll
  • Tactics
    • City Garrison
    • Decoy
    • Divide and Conquer
    • Gambit
    • Gurerilla Warfare
    • Last Stand
    • Lighting Strike
    • Pincer Attack
    • Shield Wall
    • Shock and Awe

SEED Spatial Awareness (Union/Novus only) 5 Points/level – You’re not required to change squares when dodging. You may dodge AOE effects once per level per session. While at 50% HP you gain an extra action per level per session.

Special Attack 3/level, 2/level secondary attacks

Wealth 3/level, 15k per level.

Combat Rules
Turn Order
Initiative is rolled. Those making a ranged attack go in order of initiative taking their first action then those making melee attacks go in order of initiative taking their first action. Those with an extra action go following the same initiative order with ranged going first followed by melee. Repeat until no one has any extra actions left.

Called Shots
Can target Limbs, each Limb has 50% HP of the Mech. Destroying the limb will either disable use of what it was holding or impair movement. -4 hit for a limb, -8 hit for Head, each level of accuracy reduces penalty by 2. Destroying head makes them mostly blind.

Point Blank
Halve the targets DCV for ranged attacks. However firing a ranged weapon in melee allows anyone wielding a melee weapon to OA them. Quickdraw lets you draw a melee weapon when not your turn.

Attack From Behind
Halve targets DCV for melee attacks. Panoramic Cockpit negates this.

Move actions
Aiming – +1 hit
Land Movement = 1/2 Body + Boost or Speed
Jump = 1/2 Body + 1 Jumping

Using a one handed weapon in two hands reduces the penalty for fast movement by 2. Additionally if it is a ranged weapon Aiming gives an additional +1 to hit and Melee weapons Add your Body stat to damage.

Critical Hit/Misses – Critical hits require a critical defense and critical misses automatically fail and has a chance a 50% chance of jamming the weapon, or expending the entire clip for EN weapons.
1 – Choose any of the below
2 – Arms / Weapons hit: Lose primary offensive ability (weapon, power, etc.)
3 – Engine damage: Either Movement via attributes is disabled or you may not add your Body to movement.
4 – Damaged armor/shield/forcefield: Choose one, that defense functions at half strength.
5 – Power systems failing: Cut the targets remaining energy in half and they lose 5 EN per round.
6 – Nothing happens
These effects last until repaired typically outside of combat for a fee. They can be repaired in battle with a relevant Mechanics, Electronics, Computer, etc. check.

Use Mecha list. Acrobatics costs 3/lvl, Gun combat is 6/lvl, Melee 5/level. Unarmed is now a specialization of melee combat. When purchasing a skill you pick one specialization as well. That specialization counts as an extra level when using that subtype. For example, Gun combat 1 specialized in rifles will give you a 2 points bonus when firing rifles, and a one point bonus when firing say a pistol.

NEW Attributes

COMBINE – 3 points /level; When combined the Combining suit gives the suit it is combining with 5 points for each level to upgrade any attribute or stat it has.
Exorcism – 2/level – Opposed soul checks to eject the pilot. Exorcising mech must first penetrate pilots mech, preferably with their drill head.


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