Mecha Mashup


You awaken face down on the mall, it’s 11:50 and the paths are clogged with students. You do not know how you got here, or anything else for that matter. The only things you do remember are your name, your major, and Orange Mocha FRAPPU! Surprisingly you find that you cannot interact with the students in any way, they are deaf to your words and look right through you. It is not before long that strange creatures begin emerging from shadows intent on devouring you. You flee for your lives and end up running into Testudo. “Welcome to the Reapers Game. Form into teams of 2 kids, you’re going to have to survive finals week if you want your second chance. Here take these.” Reapers game? Second chance? You have many questions that you’d like answered but it’ll have to wait until after you’ve dispatched these strange creatures. You grab one of the identical pins Testudo threw and feel a strange power welling up inside you. It’s time to fight back and search for answers.



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