Mecha Mashup

Scenario 1

First session
Potential Targets: Main Target – Occupied city of Sydney Austrailia. Nearby Union hangar with increased Martian activity. Nearby Federation based well known for prototype testing, has not been taken over by Martians yet, potential allies.
Planned events
Counter Strategies
Military Force
Essentially the campaign starts on the second day of the Martian Blitzkrieg. The PC’s started off in Sydney and devised a way to escape so that they may later come back and liberate the city. Tyler did recon on the occupying forces but was captured, Robert a passerby saw fit to dropkick one of the guards heads off and they started to escape through the city. Zach a trained assassin was the only civilian standing in the street when shots started being fired so naturally they assumed he was guilty by association. They escaped to the top of an apartment building and managed to capture a Zaku. Tyler hacked another of the Zaku guards and had him fire on another guard, causing the 4th guard to fire on the hacked one. Meanwhile Tyler took the stolen Zaku up to the bridge of one of the drops ships and destroyed the ship’s bridge and subsequently the dampening field that had deactivated a number of the city’s mobile suits. A few of the suits escaped the crashing drop ship and created a great diversion for the escaping PC’s. They grabbed their hidden mechs and made a rush for the gate and escaped into the desert heading the direction the Three Gundams from yesterday went hoping to find allies.

Zach’s honed skills quickly found the tracks of the Three Gundams from yesterday and they happened upon their encampment shortly not before running into a Jeep hauling Junk back to the city, the owner told the Tyler who ‘saved’ him that he’d buy him a drink if he made it back to Sydney at the King of the Sea Bar and Grill. The party managed to win the trust of the two pilots present but could not enlist their aid currently as they were still repairing the extensive damage they had suffered yesterday, they were however able to resupply and began heading towards the Federation testing base in the center of the desert which had not yet fallen under Martian control. They also discovered an Evangelion, a discontinued bioweapon from the last war, buried under the sand and brought it along with them to the relief of the two pilots.

Getting there under the cover of night the party happened upon a Martian raiding party in which the Black tri-stars, a trio of highly skilled veteran pilots, were leading the attack in their custom Doms. The vicious battle reactivated the dormant Eva and it proceeded to devour the fuel of the fallen Doms, meanwhile two prototype Gundam Models GP01 and GP02 came bursting out of one of the nearby hangers in a tight grapple. GP02 was being stolen and GP01’s test pilot was attempting to stop him. The party aided GP01 and prevented it from suffereing any serious damage, they were nearly able to stop GP02 from being stolen but it managed to escape on a nearby transport ship. The party did manage to destroy nearly the entire raiding party but Tyler’s mech was totalled in the process.

Returning to the federation base the Captain of the Albion, one of the few ships still capable of escaping the atmosphere, offered the party a ride into space if they promised to help them track down the stolen Prototype. The party declined thinking it would better to liberate Sydney and subsequently a Mass Driver before heading into space, that way reinforcements from the Earthsphere would be a possiblity. The party headed back to the Three Gundam encampment and began to strategize on how to liberate the city.



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