Mecha Mashup

Once more the world was embroiled in chaos

July 18th, an ordinary day. It marked the third anniversary of peace since the last great war in which the colonies vied for freedom and the Earthsphere was split into two alliances. Where atrocities were committed for the sake of justice and good men laid down their lives for the sake of their countries. Once again humanity has been thrust into a global conflict. On July 18th 6PM the worlds eyes turned towards the United Nations as the Federation and Union were entering into talks of demilitarizing Africa and prospectively creating a unified peace keeping force unveiling two new mass produced units, the Taurus (Union) and the Gabthley (Federation), for doing so. On July 18th at 8PM every mass driver on earth was seized by the invading Martian space forces calling themselves the Principality of Zeon. Numerous major cities of the Federation and the Union were seized as well. The Earthsphere was completely unaware of the invasion and the blitzkrieg was met with unparalleled success.

Of the three mass driver locations only two were met with significant resistance, Germany and Australia. Germany being the most fortified Federation installation on the planet was well within the Martians expected range of resistance. Australia on the other hand was predicted to be the easiest capture point and so a much smaller fraction of the Martian fleet was sent there. The continent was home to obsolete mobile suits of the union and a few abandoned bases of the federation, nothing capable of withstanding the powerful martian mobile suits. In a strange turn of events, three highly advanced Gundam intervened in the invasion, crippling 1 of the 4 dropships and giving heavy casualties to the Martian fleet. They were eventually forced back by the superior martian numbers but as it stands the Martian’s have the weakest hold on Australia. That’s where you come in.



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