Mecha Mashup

Day 1 - 3


Day 1 – “Make it to stamp student union in 15 minutes. Fail and face erasure—The Reapers” 20 rounds after meeting Testudo Have the characters start off separate, ambush with monsters run into Testudo. Pair up and fight, explain the puck system. If you score a hit when you have the buck get a +5 damage boost. +10 if it’s a critical hit.

Day 2 – “Set the cursed sculpture free. You have 50 minutes or face erasure.” Defeat noise around Terps on Maryland Introduce reaper (linguistics) “How about a little side game, win and I’ll let you out of the game.” “Oh I forgot to mention, lose and face erasure.” “Don’t worry the rules are very simple, you have one minute to erase your partner. Time’s ticking.”

Day 3 – “sqrt(1) Win a burrito eating contest and calculate the calories burned by fighting 3factorial Noise” Damn hectopascals, Zeta slow



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