Mecha Mashup

Adventure 3

The PC’s stop at a Union base in Africa to refuel. The commanding officer offers to pay them quite well if they destroy the Federation installation to the north in the contested military zone. Some of the PC’s go overboard and begin slaughtering those fleeing the combat zone as well as unarmed combatants inside of the headquarters. The union commander is disgusted with the act and denies both payment and any association with the PCs. They continue their journey to the mass driver in Panama where they were given a contract by the Union Captain Athrun Zala to free the mass driver. Whether or not that contract will still be upheld remains to be seen.

On the news the Uber Gundams from the past war make a reappearance in Germany. Shenlong and Heavy Arms destroy a number of Guntanks and Guncannons on guard duty. They are however repelled by the newest Federation model the Gabalthey. A number of professors and war tacticians join in a discussion on which nation these Uber Gundams belong to. They were believed to come from the northern colonies and thus Novus, another commentator makes a reasoned argument that based on their heavy suit designs and the fact they are attacking a mass driver that they come from the Mars. A federation general believes they are in league with Union and coupled with the recent massacre of a federation africa near the Union / Federation border adds weight to his case.



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